Navigating the labyrinth of payroll can feel like wrestling with a wild, untamed beast, especially for thriving small businesses in Reno. Rought & Accounting are here to subdue this beast, wielding our magical automation powers. Say goodbye to the intricate web of paperwork and bafflement. We’re here to smooth out the complexities, allowing you to center your energy on what truly matters—escalating your business to new heights.


With Rought & Accounting, you’re not just acquiring services; you’re gaining a partner in Judi and her proficient team. Judi brings a rich reservoir of knowledge and a proven record in the accounting sphere, fueled by a fervor for fostering business success. She’s dedicated to delivering precise and dependable accounting solutions that are like a second skin for your business needs.

Our team, a collective with over 20 years of nuanced experience in finance’s multiple facets, stands as a pillar of support, offering extensive strategies to refine your accounting maneuvers. Trust in our meticulousness and unwavering standards of professionalism to keep your books in impeccable order, while you lead your business with assurance.


In the vibrant landscape of Reno, small businesses seek simplicity and reliability. Our payroll services are a beacon of light, dispersing the shadows of confusion and time-consuming tasks. We integrate technology and expertise to deliver seamless payroll solutions, ensuring accuracy and compliance are never compromised.


With us handling the intricate strands of payroll, witness your business breathe and expand. Our precision and dedication mean you can relinquish your payroll worries and concentrate on your entrepreneurial vision. Small businesses in Reno, with their unique zest and ambition, deserve services that resonate with their goals. We are here to be that resonant force, catalyzing your business growth with our unparalleled accounting acumen.


Discover the ease and precision that Rought & Accounting bring to your payroll processes. Let us be the architects of your financial peace of mind. Contact us, and let’s embark on a journey to elevate your business beyond the conventional, exploring realms of possibilities and success together.
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Because your books ought not rot.
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